The Barcelona based brand, created in 2009 under the tutelage of the Mexican Anaid Cano, clearly denotes a traditional style, reminiscent of the Mexican handicraft and traditional way of making shoes in Spain, has some clear lines of style, delimited by mixing materials and styles that you are looking at all times, highlighting the quality of the materials used.


    Returning to the art of shoemaking, the brand pays special attention to the development process, ensuring that each piece is made ​​by hand in Spain, allowing each pair differ from each other, highlighting the uniqueness of each one of the models used.


    "Kupuri" means soul in Huichol, ethnicity of Mexican origin that is characterized by the pilgrimage to knowledge.

    Simple lines, elegance, sophistication, quality and mix-match of materials, are just some of the characteristics of the brand, which has a very unique style but which in turn reflects the cultural fusion of his hometown.


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