Fill your look the best hipster-vintage style with the “ The Hip Tee” tshirts, that we have brought to you for this season.


    Drawing on the brand name, where "hip" refers to what is fashionable t "tee" is short for shirts, the brand invites you to incorporate fashion shirt to your look, creating garments filled hipster style with clear references vintage, to achieve female but very urban look, without being subjected to a monkey look.


    Armed with a variety of styles and cuts, the brand presents itself as an excellent choice for those girls looking to bring the best look of the season, without leaving the comfort and relaxed style, ideal for everyday wear.


    Created in Spain with the aim of offering a different product, with clear lines of vintage design and characterized by manual production process, to ensure the individuality of each piece, without neglecting the strong values ​​of ethics and strict environmental standards applied to offer a quality product with the minimum environmental impact as possible.


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